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a colorful bug sitting on top of a wooden pole
Piezodorus Litoratus 2
Piezodorus Litoratus
a close up of a blue and green insect on a tree trunk in the forest
Mio Bello
Turquoise Cicada
a black beetle with long antennae on it's back
Star objects of our collection – The Sacred Scarab
MANCHESTER MUSEUM, SACRED SCARAB SPECIMEN: rolling dung spheres, wowing ancient egyptians, no big deal.
a close up of a small insect on a mossy surface
Macro Photography - Best Macro Photos
The panda ant, actually a wingless wasp, is known for it's painful sting despite it's cute appearance
a close up view of the head and eyes of a bug
Winged African ant (Dorylus sp.)
Winged African ant (Dorylus sp.) by andredekesel, via Flickr
a close up of a bug on a piece of wood
25 Kickass and Interesting Facts About Ants | KickassFacts
Cephalotes varians or the Turtle Ant is a species of ant whose head has evolved into a “door” that can block the entrance to its nest.
an antelope is standing on the ground with its head turned towards the camera
Kenya – Dudu Diaries
Among the most impressive jaws among the Kenyan ants are no doubt those belonging to the dreaded Siafu, or Safari Ants ( army ant genus Dorylus).
a close up view of the head and legs of a red spider with long antennae
Long mandibula (ant)
Long mandibula of an ant | In #China? Try for award winning #kid's #science |
two red and black bugs sitting on top of some dry grass in a field with tall grasses
Insects Common Milkweed Locust, Phymateus Morbillosus, With Bright Colors Serving As Warning Coloration To Scare Off Predators, Goegap Nature Reserve, Namaqualand, South Africa, unlicensed use prohibited
a close up photo of a large insect
Grasshopper, by Jeremy Martin (where to buy bugs to eat) (caramel cricket flan)
a close up of a grasshopper on a plant
Lubber Grasshopper Ken Dowdall | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a close up image of a bug on the ground
Macro Insect Photography by Igor Siwanowicz & Miroslaw Swietek | Cool Things Collection |
Cool Pictures of Alien Insects - Insect Macro Photography | Cool Pictures | Cool Stuff
a green plant with brown and yellow flowers growing on it's leaves in the jungle
Stinging Flannel Moth Caterpillar, Megalopyge lanata
Stinging Flannel Moth Caterpillar, Megalopyge lanata | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a close up of a very cute looking insect with long legs and large antennae on it's head
100 Award Winning Macro Photography examples for you
Phenomenal Macro Photography