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an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by water and stone walls with arched doorways on the side
Au ras de l'eau, une maison de cendre et de braise, indécelable de loin tant elle est sculptée dans la matière même de Thirassia, l'îlot volcanique qui se dresse face à sa célèbre voisine, la belle Santorin. L'ancienne darse de débarquement fait office de piscine naturelle.:
there are three different views of a boat in the water and on the ground, from top to bottom
Weltevree® | Activating People & Places | Unieke Duurzame Tuinmeubels
Groundfridge is an innovative take on the traditional root cellar. It meets the requirements of people with their own vegetable garden, who choose to live in a modern and self-sustaining way.
the stairs are made out of wooden slats
Outbuilding of the Week: A Tiny Open-Air Theater in Norway - Gardenista
Le bardage joue la transparence avec ce superbe bardage à claire voie #bardage #ClaireVoie
a building that has wooden slats on the front and side of it with glass doors
residential villa Artes by AA KULTURA
Sliding exterior shutters let you have the sun when you want it, keep it out when you don't. It's one of the only ways to properly control the sun on east & west exposures.
an apartment building with multiple balconies and wooden shutters
Brises solares com moldura em alumínio e barras em madeira. this one by Vettaflex.
an office building with lots of windows and people walking in the window sill at night
Gallery of Won & Won 63.5 / Doojin Hwang Architects - 2
Image 2 of 21 from gallery of Won & Won 63.5 / Doojin Hwang Architects. Photograph by Kim Yongkwan
an apartment building with many windows and balconies on the top floor is shown
Edificio Córdoba-Reurbano - Picture gallery 38
Edificio Córdoba-Reurbano - Picture gallery
an empty street with buildings and trees on both sides in front of the building at dusk
Vol House by Estudio BaBO | Dezeen
Vol. Casa del Estudio BABO - Buenos Aires - Dezeen
an outdoor dining area with white table and blue chairs, surrounded by greenery on both sides
Terrasse : surélévation d'un habitation, Hardel + Le Bihan Architectes, Paris 16ème
people sitting at tables in a room with wooden walls
51N4E: vault room
Wow. Beautiful wood work. I have no idea how they got that edge so razor sharp on the skylight. Would love to see that detail.
a black door on the side of a brick building with vertical slats covering it
MAPA, Nico Saieh · Project E_RC