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two men standing next to each other in black and white ink, one wearing a baseball cap
Pins this for art and DEFINITELY NOT gay impulses
a man with no shirt on holding his jacket
a man and woman standing next to each other in front of a poster with words on it
We can do it . Y O U AND M E ! — A AU where Otabek is a DJ and Yuri comes in his...
an image of a cartoon character in front of a computer screen with the caption that reads
Picture memes VoXB3VVb2 by Sassy_Spooks_2016: 30 comments - iFunny :)
On tumblr, the replies wouldn’t have been nearly as nice. But the men of tumblr are held to higher standard than the ones of, say, Facebook or Twitter.
a drawing of a man with white hair and a bow tie, wearing a suit
Qué guapo!
two people are kissing each other with the caption kome log on their forehead
by みにわ (
an anime man in a suit and tie
Hola mi vida, hoy a sido un día agotador podrías darme un beso que me reconforte
an anime character with black hair wearing a red shirt and white collar, standing against a pink background
My Husband
an anime character wearing glasses and a red jacket with his hand on his face, looking at the camera
#ハイキュー!! log3 - HAKUMAのマンガ #ふつくしい #吐血もん #青葉城西 - pixiv
a man with no shirt on holding his head in front of his face and covering his eyes
Bokuto Kōtarō (Anime/Manga: Haikyuu!!). Schönes Fan-Art, Sexy Bokuto und eindeutiger Seme! Allein diese breiten Schultern und dieser erotische Schweiß vom Sport... Perfekt!