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many colorful lights hanging from the ceiling in a building
Illuminated Plastic Bag Trees
upcycled christmas tree Photos 1 - Illuminated Plastic Bag Trees pictures, photos, images
a person holding a plastic bottle with a shark mask on it
T-Rex skullmade out of a white milk carton.
several different types of plastic animals with hair on their heads and eyes, all in different colors
Lámparas bestiales
Crazy pigs from empty laundry bottles!
a blue plastic toy truck with logs in it's back wheels on mossy ground
Three DIY Toys that You Can Do with Your Kids - At Home with Kim Vallee
What a great solution to be creative with your kid!
four different pictures of elephant sculptures made out of toilet paper and paintbrushes, including one painted white
Elmar the Elephant
Elmar the Elephant kids crafts
four different types of sculptures made out of folded paper and wood, each with a unique design
clara maffei
clara maffei - folded book art
a light that is hanging from the ceiling with wires attached to it's sides
●mark tuckey wire light
an assortment of different colored lights in glass bottles on a wooden box with string wrapped around them
Marie Claire Maison
cool idea
an animal made out of wood with eyes and horns
le jardin des bennes de Lilly Sunday
By Lilly Sunday
a blue book with a wooden fork sticking out of it's face and eyes
Anja Brunt - faces project
Anja Brunt - 365 faces project
children's books are sitting on green pallets in the middle of a room
YoungRoyaltyKids - Etsy
Organització de contes amb palets de fusta
a mouse made out of wood sitting on top of a white table next to a light bulb
Mouse home decor reclaimed wooden animal with leather ears whiskers and tail for nursery, home or office.
☆. Turquoise, Beach Bag, Beach Bags, Beach Decor, Straw Bag, Wicker, Woven, Basket, Ibiza Tas
a small white crib in a room with a desk and chair next to it
Recycled Cot
an instagram page with the caption's image on it
DIY Furniture for Small Spaces That’s Flexible & Functional