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an electronic mixing console with buttons and knobs lit up in the dark blue light
Hear the world’s sounds
Zeropage by Sebastien Ocarat on SoundCloud
a person sitting at a desk in front of two computer monitors with the words, zeropage layered randomization
Layered Randomization
Layered Randomization
a person is typing on a keyboard with green lights in the background that reads, zeropage electronic breeze
Electron Breeze
Electron Breeze
an electronic device with the words, zeropage different modules in front of it's display
Different Modules
Chillout Modular Jam Session » Synthtopia
there are many electronic devices on the table with sound equipment in front of them,
No Things Of Any Kind
No Things Of Any Kind by Zeropage on SoundCloud
two hands are pressing buttons on an electronic mixing console with several other hand controls around it
The Thing Comes Over Me
Chillout Etude by Zeropage on SoundCloud
a person is using an electronic device with the words zeropager on it
Ambient Sequence
Ambient Sequence by Zeropage on SoundCloud
an electronic circuit board with the words zeropage on it, in front of some other electronics
an electronic board with wires attached to it, and the words zeropage on top
Frequency Modulation
an electronic sound mixing board with the words zeropage on it's front side
Electric Circuits (A-100 Mix)
Zeropage - Electric Circuits First track with our new Doepfer A-100 Analog Modular System
an electronic device with the words zeropage cloud horizon on it's display screen
Cloud Horizon
Zeropage - Cloud Horizon - Live Performance Acid Synth Jam » Synthtopia
a table topped with lots of electronic equipment and people working on laptops in front of them
LoRa Minimal 1 (Acid Chil-Out) - LoRa Live Performance
Zeropage - LoRa Minimal 1 - Live Performance Live Acid Synth Jam » Synthtopia