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two people wearing green hats and overalls, one with a cat on his back
an image of a character from the video game fire emblem
claude comms and game intermission @gravitydusty Sparklesclaude/ariel/gravity art lead for #Arbiter by @jordy_j_s
a woman with black hair holding a bird in her hand and looking at the ground
Vamos se libre ya no te necesito....Aunque tu aun me sigas necesitando.....O tal vez solo lo digo por que no te quiero dejar ir
an anime character laying on the ground with a rainbow in front of him and writing
When you grow up, you want to be a child. Because, when you're a child, all you do is paint rainbows and there is nothing in this world that is going to break you down
the silhouette of a man and woman sitting next to each other on a black background
Fire by Free-man12 on DeviantArt
an animation storyboard showing how to draw cats in different poses and positions, including the cat
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Same Cat, Different Styles
an anime character dressed in native american clothing and holding a pipe with her hand to her mouth
Luxury fashion & independent designers | SSENSE
I love the native culture! Its so bright and colorful!
an aerial view of a city with balloons floating in the air and a woman standing on top of a building
the art of animation
The Art Of Animation, Pochi1989