Get Into My Belly

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Pie in the sky

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Matcha chocolate cake, salted almonds and mandarin sauce


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Sweet Dreams

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Credit: The easiest, yet the yummiest dessert you will see today. Just mix some basic ingredients and enjoy your food! Learn more about healthy recipes with the link down below!

Eat clean, be lean

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Peach and Blackberry Margarita Popsicles by @realfoodbydad
Cucumber Mint Green Tea Popsicles
Simple and easy, yet unbelievably satisfying treats for hot summer days! These vibrant and refreshing boozy pineapples ice pops are a must-have for all your summer gatherings.

Pop. Lick. Repeat

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a three tiered cake with bows on top
Toronto Cake Designers Share 2017 Wedding Cakes
We reached out to a handful of Toronto’s favourite cake designers to share some of their favourite 2017 wedding cakes with us! See the photos here.
there is a cake with fruit and nuts on the top, sitting on a plate
Cakes + Sweets - Together Journal - Inspire
Cakes + Sweets - Together Journal - Inspire
a cake with white flowers on it is sitting on a table next to another plate
an orange dessert is topped with powdered sugar and green leafy garnish