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a blue quilt with the words, so easy you don't need a pattern
How to Make the Fastest Baby Quilt - Inspired Quilting by Lea Louise
FREE BABY QUILT PATTERN! Learning how to make the fastest baby quilt begins with using 100 charm squares. It's so easy you don't even need a pattern! See how to turn those charm squares into an amazing quilt faster than you ever thought possible!
a colorful patchwork quilt with the words, simpleest potato chip quilt block ever
How to Make a Potato Chip Quilt Block - Inspired Quilting by Lea Louise
FREE Downloadable Pattern This potato chip quilt block is all about scraps and making colorful blocks that create an amazing quilt. But it gets even better! You can use a single block and finish it as a great gift. Or you can make a gazillion of them for a huge quilt! And my favorite is to make one ginormous block for a fantastic quilt just for yourself! You choose which you want to make first. But get plenty of scraps! This scrap buster may empty a bin or two!
a poster with scissors on it that says, why do quilts cost so much?