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an old book with flowers on it
The old garden and other verses [Front cover]
The old garden and other verses [Front cover] | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
an old book with the title secrets of the stars written in black and white on it
the two germanys
the two germanys
a book with an egyptian design on it's cover and the title, a history of egypt
DD--Breasted--History of Egypt
the story of the sun, moon and stars by agnes giberne book cover
English Idylls
an old blue book with gold trimming and the title east of the sun west of the moon
Kay Nielsen: Illustrations
the sun is shining brightly in the dark sky with its face drawn on it's side
when the sun was kissed by the moon
a painting of a crescent moon with flowers around it on a black background and wood planks
"Midsummer Moon" Poster for Sale by Laorel
a woman in white dress standing under stars
the words stay wild moon child on a purple background
Bleib wildes Mondkind - StreetArT
a poster with the words stay wild, moonchild
the logo for stay wild moon child, which features a crescent and stars on it
Lena's Closet
a painting of a woman in a purple dress sitting on top of a hill with stars
Manga Art | The Art 123