Minneapolis Neighborhoods

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a bench sitting next to a tree near the water
Market Update in Ericsson Neighborhood
The Site of Lake Hiawatha
an old house with red and blue trim sits in the middle of a green yard
Market Update in Seward Neighborhood
Small Town Vibes in the Big City
an artist's rendering of the exterior of a new apartment building at night time
Market Update in Windom Neighborhood
Metro Area’s Best Features: Minnehaha Creek and the Chain of Lakes
a clock tower on the corner of a street in front of a large house and trees
Market Update in Kenwood Neighborhood
many people are sitting on picnic benches in front of a brick building while others stand and sit
Market Update in Bancroft Neighborhood
Was Named For Bancroft Elementary School, One of the Oldest Education Buildings in the Minneapolis School District
an aerial view of a stadium and parking lot with cars parked in front of it
Market Update in Downtown East Neighborhood
Home To The Mill City Museum, Mill Ruins Park, Gold Medal Park, and The Guthrie Theater Complex
an empty playground with a yellow slide and colorful play equipment in the foreground on a sunny day
Market Update in Kenny Neighborhood
Kenny Contains One Body of Water Which Is Grass Lake
tents are set up in the grass near trees
Market Update in Logan Park Neighborhood
Named After Civil War General and US Senator John A. Logan
two chairs sitting on a dock next to a body of water with boats in it
Market Update in Diamond Lake Neighborhood
Unsung Gem of South Minneapolis
an aerial view of a city with tall buildings in the foreground and trees in the foreground
Market Update in Lowry Hill East Neighborhood
Neighborhood Roughly Triangular in Shape, Which is How It Gets Its Nickname, “The Wedge”
an outdoor cafe with tables and chairs outside
Market Update in King Field Neighborhood
King Field Is A Park Named after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
a light house sitting on top of a lake next to a lush green forest at night
Market Update in St. Anthony West Neighborhood
a red and yellow building with a clock on it's front porch next to trees
Market Update in Howe Neighborhood
Largely Comprised of Small Traditional Craftsman Bungalows on Quiet, Tree-Lined Streets
a group of people standing in front of a building with an orange sign that reads welcome to south
Market Update in Corcoran Neighborhood
Known For Its Public Art and Strong Sense of Community Among Neighbors
the boats are docked in the harbor at night
Market Update in Fulton Neighborhood
The Quintessential Southwest Minneapolis Neighborhood