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a woman's arm with three different pictures on it, including a man and a woman
Anime tattoo on the arm by Barbara Corbucci @barbara_corbucci_tattooer
a woman with flowers on her arm
a person with a tattoo on their arm that has strawberries and strawberrys drawn on it
대구타투 러비 ෆ 크레파스타투 크레용타투 색연필타투 on Instagram: "피드도안 딸 기 🍓🍓🍓🍓 깜찍한 크기로 받아가셨오요❤️‍🔥 •예약 및 수강문의는 프로필 링크로 주세욥!"
a woman's hand with a small strawberry tattoo on her left thumb and finger
a small pink flower tattoo on the arm
small blue and yellow flowers on the back of a woman's right arm,
Flowers tattoo
a woman's stomach with butterflies and stars on the side, as if it were tattooing
a small strawberry tattoo on the ankle is red and green, with an outline of a strawberry
strawberry tattoo
a woman's legs with small strawberry tattoos on her thighs and the bottom half of her leg
two women with tattoos on their stomachs
a close up of a woman's chest with small tattoos on her left shoulder