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the back of a man's body with blood dripping from it and a bat on his chest
My first piece, Toothless! Done by Nicole Francis at Spirit Gallery Tattoo in Seymour, CT
an artistic photo of a statue holding the earth
Top Ten PlayStation State Of Play Announcements
a colorful dragon sitting on top of a mountain next to a castle in the sky
Chaos Reign, Tatii Lange
an image of dogs that are in different colors and sizes, with names on them
chakra gemstaffs - adoptable auctions - CLOSED by Fuki-adopts on DeviantArt
chakra gemstaffs - adoptable auctions - OPEN by on @DeviantArt
seven chakras in different colors with the symbol for each chakra on them
Chakra tattoo | Chakra tattoo, Horoscope tattoos, Dragon tattoo for women
Chakra tattoo | Chakra tattoo, Mandala card, Chakra