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Classic herbed/spiced/ smoked/cured/traditional meat dishes - mostly oven, stove top & crock pot, pate Chicken,beef,lamb,pork,veal,turkey,ham,kielbasa…
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some meat with sauce on a white plate
Easy Family Dinner Oven Baked Country-Style Pork Ribs
Budget friendly family dinner. These are the most meaty, tender, and succulent oven baked ribs that you'll ever eat. Quick and easy family dinner for busy weeknights.
steak chops on a plate with lettuce and red wine in the background
Pan Seared Lamb Chops
Buttery, garlicky pan seared lamb chops deliver a restaurant caliber dish that is ready in minutes!
moroccan lamb shanks with almonds in a white bowl
Moroccan Lamb Shanks · Chef Not Required...
3h 45m
some meat is cooking in a skillet on the stove with rosemary sprigs
Lamb Shoulder Chop Recipe
Lamb Shoulder Chop Recipe | Mom's Dish