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a dark forest filled with lots of trees
Gothic Photography on
I love photos that play with fantasy. This has just the right amount of creepy and beautiful to make me want to write stories.
the sun is shining down on an old city street with tall buildings in the background
Abandoned City by JosiahReeves on DeviantArt
Abandoned City by on @deviantART
Terminator Salvation 10 by Zombie Apocalypse, Apocalypse World, Fallout, Apocalypse Landscape, Apocalyptic, Apocalypse, Post Apocalyptic Art, Dystopia
Terminator Salvation 10 by Pino44io on DeviantArt
Terminator Salvation 10 by
. Surrealism, Dark Fantasy, Relaxing Music, Strange Adventure, Surreal Art, Dark City, City Wallpaper
god devil struggle good harm - Néo surréalisme et Dark Fantasy - cyd1971 - Photos
an abandoned building with moss growing on the floor
the concept art for star wars is shown in three different stages, including an image of a
last of us
an abandoned building with vines growing on the walls
ArtStation - Explore
ArtStation - Abandoned Train, Tuna Unalan
an image of a city street that looks like it is going to be destroyed in the end
Un Monde Post-Apocalyptique
Un Monde Post-Apocalyptique | Le Bouquinovore
an artist's rendering of the inside of a building with plants growing on it
Top 10 des représentations post-apocalyptiques de Vladimir Manyuhin
an old room filled with furniture and lots of clutter
Abandoned Room by wwysocki on DeviantArt
For mor work go Also feel free to say ask questions or simply say hi via facebook
an image of a dirty city street with cars parked on the side and buildings in the background
Terminator Salvation 12 by Pino44io on DeviantArt
Terminator Salvation 12 by
an old city street is shown in this screenshot from the last half of the game
Terminator Salvation 03 by Pino44io on DeviantArt
Terminator Salvation 03 by
an abandoned city with tanks and cars in the foreground
Post Apocalyptic Scene, Saulo Pintar
Post Apocalyptic Scene, Saulo Pintar on ArtStation at
an artist's rendering of a city street in the middle of a green area
Concept art from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
an old building with lots of windows in the middle of trees and bushes around it
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post apocalyptic landscape