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a wooden lamp with lights on it sitting next to a stone wall and wood floor
Vintage industrial ceiling lamp cafe glass pendant light shade light fixture - Lampen | 2019
37 Inspirierende DIY-Holzlampen als Ideengeber #holzlampen #ideengeber #inspirierende
a wooden lamp sitting on top of a table
a lamp made out of wood with yellow lights on the bottom and one light in the middle
Light Sculpture Stand Alone | One-of-a-KindDefault Title
Introducing the Light Sculpture Stand Alone by Hawaii's brand Split Grain. This highly sensitive designer and sculptor uses light to reveal the elemental form and physical character of reclaimed wood. Flowing out from the center, between each suspended slice, light traces intricate details and hidden beauty found in the contours of the wood. Capturing beautiful patterns from all angles. These reductive and simplistic sculptures reveal nature through minimal form. This design is a large table top
two wooden stools sitting next to each other on a white floor in front of a window
10 Easy Pieces: Solid Block Side Tables - Remodelista
Above: Designed by Philipp Mainzer for e15 in 1996, the ST04 Backenzahnm Stool is a graceful rendition of the block. Carved out of the wood are four identical legs that taper at the base. The stool is available through Hive Modern for $1,700.
a light bulb sitting on top of a wooden block
Table Lamps and the Full Spectrum Bulb - Lamp Lights
Alder log submerged in epoxy Resin Lamp Warm Light Table
the light sculpture is made out of wood
Minimalistische Holzskulptur Hampel h lzerne Skulptur auf | Etsy
BELEUCHTETE SKULPTUR Meine beleuchteten Skulpturen enthüllen diese elementaren Form und Korn in ein Stück Küste Nord Kalifornien Monterey-Zypresse. Faszinierende Details und verborgene Schönheit werden vom Licht emittierende aus der Mitte der Skulptur, jedes einzelne Segment heraus Ausfluss aufgedeckt. Ein warmes, weißes Licht zeichnet die Konturen des Holzes gefangennehmen schöne Muster aus allen Winkeln. DIESES STÜCK Dieses skulpturale Stück hat eine unglaubliche Drehbewegung in das ge...
two wooden shelves with candles on them and some branches hanging from the wall next to each other
Drift Holz Wandkunst - Dekorationideen.GQ
Drift Holz Wandkunst #drift #wandkunst
a light bulb sitting on top of a wooden table next to a tree branch lamp
DIY MÄRCHEN! Ist das nicht die süßeste Sache überhaupt? Klingt zu einfach zu machen! ww ... - Diy Selbermachen
SEHR originelle Lampe Holz Flotte bestehend aus 4 Holz wirklich besonderes (sieh... #besonderes #bestehend #flotte #lampe #lightingdesign #originelle #wirklich
a wooden table topped with a bottle and plant
Industrielle handgemachte tisch haus lampe led birne glas schatten re ... - Selbermachen
Industrielle handgemachte tisch haus lampe led birne glas schatten re ... #birne #handgemachte #industrielle #lampe #schatten #tisch