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an old book shelf with a vase and other items on it in front of a staircase
Marc Giai-MinietThéâtre de la Mémoire - Jonathan Levine Projects
there is a glass dome with a painting on it in the shape of a clock
Outstanding French Musical Mechanical Vignette with Elaborate Movements and Clock
a glass dome with an image of a town in the background and a bridge on it
there is a small statue in the middle of this table with many other items around it
The Clown Birds - Aves: Maker of Fine Clays and Maches, Apoxie Sculpt, Epoxy Putty and More
Clown Birds
a doll house with a woman in a red dress and birdcage on the wall
an antique looking mirror on top of a table
Final Stretch.
a statue in a glass case sitting on top of a table next to a mirror
Sideboard Inspiration
an old clock with flowers on the front and back sides, painted in bright colors
Saints and Flowers 12
an old china cabinet with figurines and pictures on it
Vanessa Valencia City house 31
a wooden box filled with different types of clocks and other things on it's sides
assemblage — Lori Vrba