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black and white photograph of young women sitting on the steps in front of a building
Top 10 Cults - Listverse
The Manson Family. In 1969, on August 8, Charlie Manson told Family members at Spahn Ranch, “now is the time for Helter Skelter.” That evening the family, under the direction of Manson, would commit the famous murder of Sharon Tate, leading to other murders over the two day period.
an old photo of a woman sitting in front of a lamp
Charles Manson Family Member Simi Valley Sherry/ Danny DeCarlo Interviewed Backporch Tapes
Charles Manson Family Member Simi Valley Sherri/ Danny DeCarlo Interview...
black and white photograph of charles miles mason jr
Charles Manson jr
two people standing next to each other in front of a sign with writing on it
Rosalie..1ere femme de Charles Manson avec leurs fils Charles manson jr
an old building is shown with the word new york written on it's side
Charles Manson Family trial 1970-71 NBC news footage
an old black and white photo of a woman
Rosalie Jean Willis
an old black and white photo of a man and woman cutting a wedding cake together
New pictures reveal chilling truth about Charles Manson
Ideal husband: Manson married Rosalie Willis, above, when she was just 15 and he 20. The marriage lasted two years ending Manson's only brief attempt at 'normal' life Charles Manson's relatives release unseen pictures of monster as youth | Mail Online
black and white photograph of man in suit surrounded by reporters holding video game remotes
Bobby Beausoleil, Manson family member
an empty street with palm trees on both sides
My Trip to Cielo Drive 1994
My Trip to Cielo Drive 1994. A sad goodbye to Sharon Tate's "love house" and legacy. Makes me cry. This was the very way to get there.
a naked man laying on top of a bed covered in black and white inks
Manson Family Victim - Abigail Folger
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Charles Watson, 22, met Charles Manson around 1967 & became a central member of the "Manson family. On Aug 8, 1969, Manson ordered Watson to take Atkins, Krenwinkle, Kasabian to murder the residents of Cielo Drive. Watson shot Parent, 18, in the driveway. Watson shot Sebring a total of 7 times & kicked him in the face. He struck Frykowski on the head with a gun many times, stabbed him repeatedly, and shot him twice. He also stabbed Folger & Tate...(cont in comments)
an old black and white photo of a house with balconies on the balcony
August 11, 1969 Helter Skelter Murders Newscast Leno LaBianca Sharon Tate Murders Backporch Tapes
black and white photo of two people standing in front of a door talking to each other
Account Suspended
Abigail Folger and her friend Voytek Frykowski
an older woman wearing glasses and a blue dress is shown before and after her haircut
Manson Family Murderer Leslie VanHoughton, Left: Trial in 1970 Now: Parole Request 2013. Prison life and your looks...not good.