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a red piece of art hanging on a wall next to some purple and white flowers
Thinly Sliced
Thinly Sliced | an improv stripes quilt | Debbie | Flickr
a quilt hanging on the wall with several different animals and birds in it's center
a quilt made with black and white images
Moda thicket animal blocks, made for my grandbaby
a red and white circular quilt on a table | Express Your Creativity!
Gaggle Of Geese
a red and white wall hanging on the side of a wooden cabinet next to candles
Books and patterns on quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet, and crafts.
Martingale - Red & White Quilts (Print version + eBook bundle)
a red and white blanket hanging on the wall
Oh Deer – Patchwork Baby Quilt
Oh Deer – Patchwork Baby Quilt #ohdeer #baby #baby #babyquilt #babyblanket #blanket #quit #quilts #babygift
four different pieces of fabric sitting on top of a table
Six Flying Geese Heading North - November Block Lottery
Emerald Coast Modern Quilt Guild: Six Flying Geese Heading North - November Block Lottery
two pieces of black and white fabric on the wall
Nähen und mehr…
Nähzimmerplaudereien | Nähen und mehr…
a red quilt with white stars on it
Feathered Star2 Jana Florence - My Blog
Feathered Star2 Jana Florence#Feathered #Florence #Jana #Star2
a table with a chair and a quilt on it
7 Quilt Projects that Outlast the Holidays
a red and white quilt with nine circular designs on the front, hanging from a wall
I love this wholecloth panel from @minickandsimpson thank you for producing this! Hand quilted and is one of my favorites to put out at…
a black and white quilt hanging on a wall
a quilted table runner with red and white squares in the center, on top of a piano
Border edge design for the Burgoyne Surrounded with curved cross hatching created for each specific space.
an orange and white quilt is laying on the floor in front of a bed frame