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an instagram photo with the words instagram on it and a small cart filled with items
UM Project x The New Stand: Redefining Retail
The New Stand is a new concept by UM Project that is dramatically changing shopping, whether it's an everyday convenience store or clothing.
an outdoor food cart on the side of a street with lots of wood planks
Lovejoy Bakers Coffee Cart, Design by fix studio 2011
Lovejoy Bakers Coffee Cart, Design by fix studio 2011 | Flickr
an outdoor food cart with blue and white awning
Corporate Event Planner
Ice cream cart {event planner // So Eventful Productions}
a man standing behind a food cart on wheels
arquimaña's modern food truck sells artisanal hot dogs in bilbao
arquimaña has reimagined the age-old hot dog cart, giving it a modern face-lift with an emphasis on local, artisanal goods
two pictures of an outdoor food cart with wheels and boxes on the back, one has a sign that says the groundshop
Designer of Things
The Poundshop Mobile Stand More
an open wooden cabinet with drawers and shelves
an outdoor food cart is set up on the side of a brick road with two people sitting at it
Mobile Bar Hire & Product Sampling Units | Quirky Group
Mobile Bar
a small wooden cart with drawers on the front and back wheels is parked in front of a store
Olé + BikeBook