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the inside of an old building with stone floors and arches on either side of it
The Black Hat Society
a very large stained glass window in a church
Kölner Dom by peniole ... / 500px
Kölner Dom, Germany
an old castle on top of a hill surrounded by trees
Burg Hohenzollern
Burg Hohenzollern in Germany by Olaf Schober on 500px
a chandelier hanging from the ceiling in a room with paintings on the walls
Beautiful style
Chandelier ~ Architectural details inside Nymphenburg Palace in Munich, Germany
the inside of an ornate building with arched windows and arches on the ceiling is shown
15 Best Room Pictures of the Week – April 30th to May 07th, 2012 | Awesome Time Wasters
the inside of an ornate building with colorful walls and ceilings
33 Most Beautiful Places in Italy
the interior of an old church with painted ceilings
Paradiso Terestre
Beautiful baroque architecture inside Rottenbuch Abbey, Bavaria, Germany.
an empty library with many bookshelves and paintings on the ceiling, along with marble flooring
Benedictine Monastery Library, Admont, Austria Admont Monastery houses the biggest and oldest monastery library in the world. The library is a jewel of Baroque architecture, decorated with precious frescoes on the ceiling, impressive paintings and sculptures. Beautiful inside houses 70,000 restored books.
the interior of an ornate church with high ceilings
Baroque architecture inside Reichenbach Abbey in...
Baroque architecture inside Reichenbach Abbey in Bavaria, Germany (by rotraud).
people are walking around in front of a large building with many spires and windows
#Milano #Mailand #Italien
an image of the inside of a church with words written in different languages on it
The Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica, Ottawa, Canada.
Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica - Ottawa, Canada ❤ Reiseausrüstung mit Charakter gibt's auf vamadu.de
the inside of a large library with many bookshelves and arched ceiling lights on either side
a quieter storm
hier könnte ich Stunden verbringen.....
an ornate room with bookshelves and paintings on the walls, along with tile flooring
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Barock Library
the interior of a library with paintings on the ceiling and columns in front of it
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Kloster Weltenburg