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a living room filled with lots of grey couches and wooden tables in front of bookshelves
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a modern house with large windows and sliding doors
Prism House in VALENCIA, SPAIN by Ramon Esteve - ArchShowcase
Article source: Ramon Esteve Settled in a residential area, the plot’s morphology obliged us to focus the building in a single floor same height design. Starting from cube from where it’s subtracte…
a black and white house sitting on top of a lush green field
Реконструкция дома в Белоруссии - Блог "Частная архитектура"
Реконструкция дома в Белоруссии | Блог "Частная архитектура"
a white dog laying on top of a lush green field next to a large window
Residential › Private House by Egide Meertens Architecten. Veeckman - Gélis…
a white house with steps leading up to it
a modern house with two garages on the front and one above it's door
All Time Modern House Designs – My Life Spot
Modern Homes, Melbourne - Latitude 37 | Latitude 37
an upside down house in the middle of a city
조인스프라임 종료 안내
에코세대 내집 프로젝트 ③ 하나 밖에 없는 집서울 가락동 주택가에 우주선처럼 솟은 ‘다락집’. 건축가 김찬중이 디자인했다. [사진 김용관 작가]최근 2~3년 서울 강남권의 재개발 열풍이 밀어닥치던 송파구 가락동 일대. 지하철 5호선 개롱역 인근 동네의 터줏대감같던 2층짜리 붉은 벽돌집들이 하나둘 사라졌
an empty room with white furniture and potted plants
Visualización en Arquitectura / 3ve [Entrevista]
© 3ve
a white house with stairs leading up to the top floor and trees in front of it
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