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the words, why you need a design for a successful edible landscape are shown in three different pictures
Edible & Medicinal Garden Design
Can’t get enough of these ideas for a successful edible landscape. Pro advice that makes total sense.
Dandelions are a familiar sight, but widely dismissed as a backyard nuisance. Let’s dive into the benefits of dandelion plant – a nutritional & medicinal powerhouse masquerading as an unassuming edible weed. Plus, the common dandelion is great for your soil & an early spring resource for bees!
Common Dandelion Benefits & Dandelion Uses
Dandelions are a familiar sight, but widely dismissed as a backyard nuisance. Let’s dive into the benefits of dandelion plant – a nutritional & medicinal powerhouse masquerading as an unassuming edible weed. Plus, the common dandelion is great for your soil & an early spring resource for bees!
some vegetables that are growing and being held by someone's hand with the words grow amazing veggies in winter
Homegrown Goodness: Winter Vegetable Gardening Delights
Get ready to embrace the incredible world of winter gardening and discover how it can turn your winter blues into a vibrant, green wonderland.
a blue pumpkin growing in the garden with text overlay that reads 5 tips to grow more zucchini
Master the Art of Growing Zucchini
Ever found yourself overwhelmed by the sheer amount of zucchini from your garden? Don't let your bountiful harvest go to waste – learn how to maximize your yield with our 5 expert tips! From understanding the right conditions for growth to knowing when to plant, we'll guide you through all the essential steps. Unlock your zucchini-growing potential and enjoy an abundant garden year-round. Learn how today!
Collage photos of different indoor plants on moss poles. Text on image: 14 easy indoor climbing plants. Mod and mint dot com.
14 Indoor Climbing Plants to Grow on Moss Poles
Discover 14 awesome indoor climbing houseplants! These plants aren’t just happy on the ground, they love climbing and bringing a jungle vibe to your home.
red flowers with the words rambling rose 5 m x 24 m in front of them
Ramblerrose, rot 'Rambling Rosie' - Rose, wurzelnackt
Ramblerrose Rambling Rosie von Colin P. Horner (wurzelnackt): Hellrote, leicht gefüllte Blüten in großen Büscheln vor gesundem Laub mit einem Wuchs bis zu 5m. Rambling Rosie blüht reich über den ganzen Sommer - und ist damit einer der wenigen öfterblühenden / dauerblühenden roten Rambler. Um die Nachblüte anzuregen sollte - wenn möglich - verblühtes ausgeschnitten und altes Holz regelmäßig entfernt werden.
purple petunias with text overlay how to keep petunias blooming
The Secret to Fuller Petunias: Pinching Back!
Discover the secrets to keeping your petunias lush and blooming! Learn how to pinch back petunias for fuller growth and long-lasting beauty. Read now for essential petunia care tips!
orange flowers with the title how to treat powdery mildew on chrysanthemums
How to Identify and Manage Powdery Mildew on Chrysanthemums
Powdery mildew is extremely common in home gardens, and despite being tough little plants, even chrysanthemums are sometimes plagued by this fungal pathogen. Learn how to identify and get rid of powdery mildew on your chrysanthemums using natural methods on Gardener's Path. #chrysanthemum #powderymildew #gardenerspath
Growing nasturtium flowers
How To Grow Nasturtium Flowers
Nasturtiums are beautiful annual flowers that are easy to grow. Here's how to grow nasturtiums in your flower garden or in containers.
seed plants with the title how to select and save seeds for a higher - yield garden next year
How to Select and Save Seeds for a Higher-Yield Garden Next Year
Seed quality has an impact on how well your plants germinate and grow. If you want healthy, productive plants (and also want to save a little money), it's worth saving seeds from your best plants each season. Thoughtful seed selection can lead to better quality, better yields, and better resistance to pests and diseases, and you don't need to be a plant scientist to do so—here's my simple process.
a pink flower with green leaves in the background and text overlay that reads, 16 plants with green flowers
Plants with Green Flowers | Unique Garden Layout and Design
Create an unconventional yet beautiful garden with these green flower varieties! Whether you're seeking unique flower varieties for a standout garden or simply love the allure of green blooms, these selections will inspire you with fun and different flower gardening ideas. Find more flower gardening inspiration and tips at
some red flowers with the words fame garden, the key thing most growers don't know but should
The Missing Key for Garden Success
Learn about the crucial element most gardeners overlook that could be the key to unlocking your garden's full potential. Grow more than ever before!
a white orchid in a pot with the words how to repat your orchid
How To Repot Your Orchid - Everyday Orchids
How To Repot Your Orchid - Everyday Orchids
a black bag filled with compost sitting on the ground
How to Make Compost
It's easy to make compost for your garden! Composting is a great way to convert home and garden waste into nourishing soil. Here are three easy ways to make compost. #Gardening #OrganicGardening #ForBeginners
a man holding a basket full of sweet potatoes with the text how to grow the fastest sweet potatoes even if you don't have a lot of space
How to Grow The Tastiest Sweet Potatoes in a Square Foot Garden
Sweet potatoes are low maintenance, easy to grow and delicious! They're perfect for DIY'er! If you're looking for an easy way to grow sweet potatoes, look no further. This article gives you everything you need to know to grow sweet potatoes in a square-foot garden. Learn how to plant, grow and harvest them. As a [BONUS], you can sign up to get a free square foot garden spacing chart that covers 20+ vegetables!