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Simple easy DIY gardening ideas on what to plant and grow in your front yard landscaping and front yard garden design to increase your curb appeal and decor. We…
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a pink flower with green leaves in the background and text overlay that reads, 16 plants with green flowers
Plants with Green Flowers | Unique Garden Layout and Design
Create an unconventional yet beautiful garden with these green flower varieties! Whether you're seeking unique flower varieties for a standout garden or simply love the allure of green blooms, these selections will inspire you with fun and different flower gardening ideas. Find more flower gardening inspiration and tips at
someone is holding up some root roots in their hands with the words unraveling root rot
Plant Root Rot: Causes, Symptoms, and Solutions
Understand the causes and symptoms of plant root rot with this informative guide. Learn how to identify root rot in your plants and what steps to take to save them. Discover preventative measures to keep your plants healthy and free from root rot. With this knowledge, you can keep your plants thriving.
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The Gap of Death: What it is and How to fix it!
Gap of Death?!?! Gah! Sounds terrifying, right? Well, we are here to help you fix it!! Let me show you how to take your plant from the brink!
Vegetables for Your Winter Garden
Here are 12 of the most cold-hardy crops that need little to no protection in winter, even down to sub-freezing temperatures. Plant them in late summer to fall for harvests all winter long!
seed plants with the title how to select and save seeds for a higher - yield garden next year
How to Select and Save Seeds for a Higher-Yield Garden Next Year
Seed quality has an impact on how well your plants germinate and grow. If you want healthy, productive plants (and also want to save a little money), it's worth saving seeds from your best plants each season. Thoughtful seed selection can lead to better quality, better yields, and better resistance to pests and diseases, and you don't need to be a plant scientist to do so—here's my simple process.
a person in white gloves is stirring some food into a blue bucket
Home Composting: A DIY Guide for Beginners
Start composting at home with this easy-to-follow guide. Learn what materials to use, how to set up your compost bin, and tips for maintaining it. Discover the benefits of composting for your garden and the environment. This DIY guide covers everything you need to know to begin composting today.
garden planning tasks Preparing Garden Beds, Garden Planning Layout, Straw Bale Gardening, Succession Planting
12 Garden Tasks To Put On Your Calendar Right Now! | The Beginner's Garden
Eager to get your hands dirty but not sure where to start? We've got you covered! Dive in to discover the top 12 garden tasks you should be adding to your calendar right now. From planning plantings to preparing garden beds, our beginner's guide to garden planning is all you need to start your gardening journey. Click here to learn more!
boxwood shrubs with text overlay that reads use these tips for thriving boxwood shrubs
Boxwood Shrubs: From Yard to Spectacular Garden
Transform your yard into a spectacular garden with boxwood shrubs. Learn about the different varieties, planting techniques, and care requirements for these versatile plants. Discover how to create stunning hedges, topiaries, and accent pieces that will elevate your landscape design.
a person holding an egg carton with the words, don't throw eggs away try
9 Ways To ReUse Eggshells Instead of Throwing Them Away
Don't toss those eggshells! Crack open these 9 genius ways to reuse eggshells in your home and garden. From natural pest control to surprising ways to clean and craft like sidewalk chalk, you'll be amazed at their versatility! This spring and summer, reuse the eggshells for your garden, home and life. These are great eco-friendly and sustainable ideas you will love for your family!
ferns with the words diverse varieties of ferns for your garden
Fabulous Ferns: A Field Guide
Discover the wide variety of ferns well-suited to shady beds, woodland gardens, patios, and living spaces. This guide covers the preferences for light, water, and soil, as well as the growth habits of various indoor and outdoor ferns such as sword ferns, holly ferns, maidenhair ferns, and others.
pink and white flowers with the words cut flower seeds to start indoors
Cut Flower Garden Seeds To Start Indoors This Spring | Indoor Plant Care
Start these cut flower seeds indoors this Spring for longer, bigger blooms in July and August. Your cut flower garden won't be the same if you start your seeds indoors each and every year!
the words spring garden supper are in front of pink flowers and an outdoor dining table
Springtime Garden Supper
Dinner in the garden with blooming azaleas. Blog post includes recipes!
colorful flowers with text overlaying how to repel apis with margods
Plant Marigolds To Get Rid Of Aphids
Learn how to plant marigolds as a companion plant to repel aphids and get rid of other pests organically in your garden whilst attracting pollinators. #marigolds #growmarigolds #getridofaphids #aphids #companionplants #organicgardening
a potted plant with the words simple steps to repotting ponytailal palms
Repotting Ponytail Palms without Stress
Follow simple step-by-step instructions to successfully repot a ponytail palm without damaging the bulbous base. This guide offers guidance on choosing suitable container sizes, managing rootbound plants, adjusting soil compositions, reinforcing stability, ensuring adequate watering after repotting, and more to maintain the health of your palms.
a close up of a plant with the words how to treat blossom drop on tomatoes
How to treat blossom drop on tomatoes.
Blossom drop disease is where flowers may drop due changes in temperature, humidity and nutrient deficencies. Find out how to treat this disease on your tomato plants.