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black and white photograph of woman holding flowers in front of other people, possibly from the 1960s's
18 Fakten über Tschernobyl, die zeigen, welche Folgen ein GAU hat
a person walking down a street with an umbrella in the rain next to power lines
vapor trail
an aerial view of a city with lots of traffic
Chilean Earthquakes and Aftershocks – Weather Blog
an aerial view of a bridge that has been partially submerged in water and people are standing on it
Look At All The Major Chinese Bridges That Have Collapsed In The Recent Years
a large boat floating in the middle of a destroyed area with houses and other debris
Japan still struggles as second tsunami anniversary arrives
Earthquake damage in Alaska
Disaster strikes in bad axe ► © Travis Sattler •
See The Fukushima Disaster Zone Then And Now In 10 Striking GIFs
an aerial view of a bridge that is in the water
It's a Man's World: Bild
an aerial view of a large hole in the ground
Sinkholes, craters and collapsed roads around the world, in pictures
an aerial view of a house on top of a large cliff in the middle of town
Mass movement | Enfo