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two snowmen are talking to each other in the snow
⛄Would you look at that? They're making a baby, right in the front yard!🗯️ ☃️ It's disgraceful!🗯️
a cartoon shows a man in front of a house decorated for halloween
The witch's gingerbread house
a cartoon depicting a doctor in the operating room
Breast Augmentation in San Diego | North Coast Plastic Surgery
How chickens increase their breast size.
a comic strip about ginger bread being made in the kitchen by someone who is cooking it
a cartoon depicting an egyptian man and woman talking to each other in front of a stone wall
Spelling Hieroglyphics
HILARIOUS! This is one of my favs.......Spelling Hieroglyphics
a cartoon depicting a man and woman standing in front of a building with the caption'i am so tired if you teenagers and your world - thrifts hamlet, hamlet
Shakespeare: To read or not to read?
Lol basically a sum of how Gertrude and Claudius of how they felt about Hamlet's dress and attire.
two playing cards with numbers on them and one has the same number as another card
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Bizarro - Card Comics And Cartoons | The Cartoonist Group
an image of a dinosaur with captioning in spanish and the words mi mama en la calle
Some Things Never Change
119 Memes That Sum Up What Being A Nurse Means
there are many bicycles parked on the side of the road and one is saying, why can't bicycles stand up on their own? they are two tired
Silly Bunt
the words well, well, if it isn't the consequents of my own actions
I hate when reality comes up and smacks you up side the head.
an advertisement for children's clothing featuring two girls and one boy
Overly Attached Girlfriend Crazy Funny Memes
21 Funny 1950s Sarcastic Housewife Memes ~ Humor is never vintage #crazymemes
a comic strip with a man sitting in a chair talking to another man