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an anime character with glasses on her face
a man holding a rose in his hand with the words take off your clothes
two people standing next to each other in front of a speech bubble with the caption when are you free
a drawing of a person with their mouth open and the caption that says, when you
two cartoon images with the caption saying, regen being adorably excited moments before crushing disappointmentpointment an aesthetic
Mob Psycho 100°Memes
a man in uniform is standing next to another man wearing a tie and suit with the words jean kirsten written on it
Jean Kirstein Marleyan
an image of some anime characters on their cell phones with caption that reads, the best comment i read
some anime characters with different expressions on their shirts
Jean Attack on Titan
a smiley face with hearts on it and the words me when jean kirstein
he find as he’ll i won’t him 🤤