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a bookshelf filled with lots of books next to a white desk and chair
Spring Cleaning: Organization Porn
messy-looking but still organized, my specialty
books are stacked on top of each other in front of a blackboard with the number four
A Photo Shoot and a Trip - The Makerista
Styling built-ins
an advertisement for capri hotel in the italian rivieria, with flowers growing out of a vase
Capri and luggage labels by Alberto Savinio - Italian Ways
Capri, Grand Hotel Quisisana, luggage labels
a man standing in front of a colorful pool
Smart Idea: Colourful Swimming Pool
a chair sitting in front of a pink wall with a palm tree next to it
This DIYer Upcycles A Vintage Rotary Phone and It's A Sight To See!
Re-Cultivating 70's aesthetics with this refurbished rotary phone.
a living room with blue furniture and pink accents on the walls is featured in an eclectic twist design
A Thrifted Serpentine Sofa + Color = Magic :sparkles: | Eclectic Twist
Discover the vibrant world of eclectic design through the captivating transformation of a thrifted serpentine sofa! Unravel the secrets to incorporating bold colors and unique aesthetics into your living space, with expert tips to create that show-stopping look. Ready for a style revolution? Click to peep the post!