Here some projects for exhibitions and roadshow i did in the past years.
5 Pins
colorful chairs are lined up in front of a large photo on the wall and behind them is a portrait of an old man
Vitra Classics, roadshow for Vitra, 2010.
The roadshow for dealer locations inquiring the meaning of Classic furniture, conceived for Vitra in 2010. Here the Agape HQ installation, In Mantova, Italy.
there is a wall with many pictures on it and the word vitra written in black
Vitraworld, traveling exhibition, 2006.
A traveling exhibition regarding Vitra, exhibited here in Warsaw in 2006.
a room with various chairs and tables in it
Studio Hannes Wettstein for Maxdesign, a collection presentation. Milan, 2010.
The collection presentation of the products produced by the HAnnes Wettstein studio for Maxdesign. It took place at the Seminato studio in Milan, in occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2010.
an empty room with tables and chandeliers in the center, surrounded by ornate mirrors
Pkysix Story, exhibition at Palazzo Litta, 2016
The installation I curated together with Benjamin Adler about the store behind the Physix project, the studio chair made by Alberto Meda for Vitra, at Palazzo Litta in occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2016.
an empty room with two red chairs in the middle and one orange chair at the far end
Cappellini's Dream, roadshow, 2006.
A traveling exhibition conceived for Cappellini in 2006. Here in the frame of a church in Metz.