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a group of paintings with leaves on them
Falling Leaves Watercolour Paintings
a yellow sign with blue buttons on it next to some markers and magnets that read klassen - wir - semplekterkette
an image of water drops with german words on them and the word rain written in different languages
Images tagged with #Klassenrat on instagram
Mein Schmetterlinge-Leporello
two children are playing with wooden pegs and beaded boards on the ground while another child is sitting next to them
the instructions for how to make a paper fish
Origami Fisch
Blubb! Wir falten einen Origami Fisch aus Papier. Wir falten heute den Fisch „Blubb“ aus einem Stück Papier. ♥ #origami #papierfalten #ideenauspapier #fisch #tiere #basteln #ideenfürkinder #papierideen #kreativ #wunderbunt
a poster with an image of a green monster surrounded by other words in german and english
a green and white poster with words in german on the bottom right hand corner that says, so kannst du anfragen
Learn German with fun
a poster with children standing in front of each other and the words was kinderhornen brauchen
unterrichtsmaterial-kostenlos - Zaubereinmaleins - DesignBlog