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a drawing of a woman with long hair and flowing hair, holding her head in her hands
Yenthe Joline Art Blog — Some dancer sketches. For some I used some photo’s...
a pencil drawing of a person laying on the ground next to a large animal with horns
bryan konietzko
an animated image of a woman with long black hair holding her arm around her neck
8+ Free Katara+Katara++Katara & Qatar Images
Olive (@ImNotOlive)
Olive (@ImNotOlive)
a drawing of a man in black holding a blue and white object with one hand
zuko | Tumblr
a woman in a uniform with her arms crossed
Azula crush
a drawing of a girl with long brown hair and blue sweater holding her hand up to her face
kelslk (@kelslk_art) on X
a woman standing on top of a rock with her arms in the air
#korra-hair on Tumblr
two people standing next to each other in front of a body of water and grass
Aang teaches Azula how to meditate [art by Adajel on Tumblr]
a drawing of a woman with brown hair and an armor on her chest, standing in front of a white background
Avatar: Bild
a painting of a woman holding a bird in her hand and two other birds around her
Last Airbender - Samurai Momo by Miki- on DeviantArt
a close up of a mask with white and blue paint on it's face
Blue Spirit Mask