Sailor moon

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a close up of a cartoon character with blue eyes and blonde hair, looking to the side
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Sailor Moon
a blonde haired woman with her mouth open and tongue out in front of a pink tiled wall
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a woman laying on top of a bed with stars and moon in the sky behind her
○ w i n d f i l l
Si eres una chica ENAMORADIZA, ¡de seguro te identificarás con estas 14 cosas! - IMujer
a cartoon character holding his head with both hands
Funny Usagi Tsukino
Funny Usagi Tsukino
four cartoon characters are standing together in front of a building and one has her hands up to the mouth
Look at Sailor Moon go! XD oh gosh Sailor Mars!
an anime character with her eyes closed and nose close to the face of another character
Sailor Moon
two anime characters with blue eyes and blonde hair, one holding the other's hand
an anime character with blonde hair and blue eyes
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a girl with pink hair holding onto a pole in front of her face and looking at the sky
Image about sailor moon in Chibiusa/Sailor Chibi Moon/Black Lady by Sailor Moon
sailor moon, chibiusa, and sailor chibi moon 이미지 - Download 20,000+ Funny Animated GIFs & Memes. 100% For Free.
sad anime sailor moon animated GIF
an anime character with pink hair and red eyes, holding her arms up in the air
Pretty Guardian in a Sailor Suit
worldofeternalsailormoon: Fanart by じじ山.