Watercolor Drawing Ideas and Tutorials

Exploring with watercolor and ink, painting and lettering.
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a person is writing on paper with a pen and some flowers are in the background
Flower Illustration
Flower illustrations add a specific feel to your brand design. Choose your favorite flowers in a drawing style that you love to set your business apart. Your customers will love the illustrated elements on gift packaging, product labels, and customer thank you cards.
art supplies are laid out on top of paper and watercolor paints, pencils, and markers
Watercolor Workshops
Try watercolor painting when you come to one of these workshops or classes. You'll learn about mixing the colors you need, watercolor techniques, and how to use them as you paint and draw. Come curious and ready to explore.
watercolor painting on paper with paintbrushes sitting next to it and another piece of art
Drawing Ideas - Turtle
Draw a turtle with watercolor and ink when you practice your drawing skills with this tutorial.
the watercolors are all different colors and there is an open box with them
Watercolor Color Palettes
Read along as I test Paul Rubens watercolors on a beach hut drawing. I'll tell you what I think of them as we draw.
a piece of paper with elephants drawn on it
Drawing Ideas - Elephant
Enjoy drawing an elephant with this tutorial. You'll use watercolor, a calligraphy pen, and gel pens to draw the elephant and colorful doodles. Feel free to get creative with your own ideas.
two cards with apples drawn on them next to some colored pencils and paper clips
Drawing Ideas - Apples
Explore different drawing styles while drawing apples. This tutorial will help you combine watercolor and ink as you draw.
a watercolor painting of a pineapple with the word pineapple written on it
Draw a Pineapple
Learn how to draw a pineapple with watercolor and ink when you follow along with this drawing tutorial. Find other drawing tutorials and art prompts by The Painted Pen there, too.
Cozy Calligraphy
Draw cozy in a calligraphy lettering style on this cozy mug drawing. Learn more when you try the art tutorial. You'll use watercolor and ink to celebrate all things cozy.
a piece of paper sitting on top of a wooden table next to an apple drawing
Let's Draw Apples
Let's play with different ways to draw apples. We'll even add watercolor techniques as we try each one. Go ahead. Step into your creativity.
Chamomile flowers and bees are illustrated on a watercolor background on this drawing. Watercolour Art, Diy Watercolor Painting, Watercolor Art Lessons, Diy Watercolor
Flower Drawing Tutorial
Learn how to draw this summer flower drawing when you follow along with this tutorial. You'll use drawing and watercolor techniques.
Follow this tutorial to learn how to create some summer beach lettering. Summer, Beach Time Clock, Beach Lovers, Beach Time, Beach, Vacation, Watercolor Cards
Summer Lettering Tutorial
Livin' on beach time. This summer lettering tutorial will bring the beach feeling to you.
Layering a watercolor beach hut drawing
Watch me I layer watercolor on this beach hut drawing as I test out some new paints.
Various watercolor paint tubes are pictured near a chart ready for their colors. Art Style, Pen, Color Chart
Watercolor Paint
In this article, we'll take a closer look at Paul Rubens watercolor paint and compare them with the paints I usually use. Find out if I love them or hate them.
A color chart of Paul Rubens watercolors is pictured with the set of paint tubes.
Watercolor Review
This article is a review of Paul Rubens watercolor tubes. You'll see a color chart of the 36 tube set and a drawing of a beach hut as we talk about the paints.