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The Painted Pen works with small business owners to add a personal touch to their business through watercolor and lettering design. She also has a DIY blog that…
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an envelope with a note inside sitting on top of a white wooden table next to a piece of paper
Product Packaging
Make your products memorable when you pack your customer's order. Add a mini card with a hand lettered name and designed tissue paper to make it feel like a gift. Your customers will love the presentation.
two boxes with christmas designs on them sitting next to each other, one has a santa clause and the other has a snowman
Christmas Gift Box
Your business will really stand out with Christmas gift boxes. Work with me to choose or create illustrated designs that fit your branding. Then, we can use the illustrations to create gift mailer boxes, wrapping paper, and greeting cards.
an art project with watercolors and paintbrushes on a white wooden surface
Watercolor Illustration for Gift Packaging
Elevate your gift packaging with watercolor illustration and hand lettering. Your customers will love the new look. Work with me to create special gift boxes, wrapping paper, order insert cards, and more.
Drawing Flowers for Design
These flower drawings will make a lovely addition to a pattern design. We can use them as line drawings on tissue paper or add watercolor elements to make a colorful gift wrap or gift box. Contact me to discuss your gift packaging needs.
a watercolor painting of daisies and bees on a piece of paper next to a marker
Watercolor & Line Drawings
Watercolor and line drawing combine to make a beautiful design for your gift packaging. Illustrations can be printed on customer thank you cards, product labels, or even gift boxes.
two cards with flowers and vases on them next to each other, one has a recipe book
Illustrated Gift Packaging Design
Watercolor painting and line drawings combine to create gift packaging that makes your business stand out with your customers. Use the artwork on gift wrap, gift boxes, customer thank you cards, and more.
Playful Calligraphy & Illustration
Playful calligraphy & illustration can add fun and class to your business design. Use them on gift packaging, product labels, and customer thank you cards to keep your customer coming back again and again.
someone is drawing a dandelion flower on a piece of paper with a marker
Floral Illustration for Gift Packaging
Dress up your gift packaging with hand drawn floral illustrations. Use them for tissue paper, gift wrap, customer thank you cards, and more. contact me to discuss your style and options.
an open book with hearts and balloons on it
Stay Creative as You Draw
Stay creative in your art and your life when you sign up for emails from Joanne at The Painted Pen. You'll get inspiration, color, ideas, and art prompts that you can try in your own style or several different art styles.
some watercolors are sitting next to each other
Learning About Watercolors
In this Beginning in Watercolors workshop, we'll be learning about how colors mix, blend, and dry. We'll cover fun watercolor techniques to try, too. Come curious and ready to play.
a piece of paper with pineapples on it next to a paintbrush and watercolor pencil
Watercolor Illustration for Gift Packaging
The details matter when you want to catch the eye of your customer. Watercolor illustration will dress up the packaging you use in your business. It's perfect on gift wrap, tissue paper, customer thank you cards, product labels, and more.