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Products made with watercolor and ink to help brighten your day and connect with the people around you.
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a piece of paper sitting on top of a white wooden floor next to a string
Wholesale Packaging Design
Elevate your wholesale order packaging with a watercolor and ink branded insert. This insert, for a stationery company, is designed to look like a gift tag.
a person holding a piece of paper with a painting on it next to a paintbrush
Custom Notebook & Cover
Work with me to design a custom cover and notebook for your brand. We'll talk about artwork, design, and binding options.
a hand holding a card with watercolors on it next to a paintbrush
Custom Notebook Cover Design
A customer wanted a small watercolor notebook with tear-off pages and a printed watercolor cover. This is what we came up with ... a truly special journal. Work with me to bring your ideas to life.
three greeting cards tied with blue twine on top of each other next to a bottle of ink
Event Gift Design
Whether hosting a workshop or corporate event, your presentation says everything. Work with me to design classy gift packaging for workshop supplies or participant gifts with will delight each person attending.
an image of some flowers and leaves on paper
Illustration for Gift Packaging
Watercolor and line illustration add beauty to your gift packaging. Work with me to bring your ideas to life. Then, we'll print them on wrapping paper, gift boxes, customer thank you cards, product labels and more.
an envelope with a note inside sitting on top of a white wooden table next to a piece of paper
Product Packaging for my Small Business
Choosing a cute and simple way to package orders from my small business is one way my customers know they're important to me. I incorporate some form of wrapping and a small handwritten note to say, "Thanks!"
watercolors and paint are sitting on a table next to a card with grapes
Hand Painted Watercolor Illustration
Hand painted watercolor illustration will elevate your brand design. Pair it with modern calligraphy styles to give an elegant feel to gift packaging, product labels, customer thank you cards, and more. Work with me to find a design you love.
a watercolor painting of purple flowers in a blue pot on a white wooden background
Watercolor Lavender
Watercolor lavender illustrations might be what your business needs for your next product line. Design greeting cards, mini cards, wrapping paper, and more with custom artwork.
Watercolor Techniques
Learn watercolor techniques during these workshops. Then, use them to create something fun.
Calligraphy Lettering
Calligraphy lettering and illustration add a classy feel to your branding and design. Use it on gift packaging, customer thank you cards, or product labels to make your business stand out.