Beginning with Watercolor Painting

Beginning with watercolor painting should be fun! Here are some ideas to get you started.
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some paint and watercolors are sitting on a table
Beginning in Watercolor Online Class
Learn all that you need to begin with watercolor painting in this online class. We'll talk about supplies, do some color mixing, learn some watercolor techniques, and try them out on a few projects. Come curious and ready to play.
three different types of flower stamps on top of some white paper and two blue buttons
three greeting cards tied with twine on top of each other next to an ink bottle
Watercolor Workshops
Watercolor workshops give you a place to play and practice as you explore watercolor styles and techniques. Here are handouts from a recent painting lavender class.
Watercolor Techniques
In these workshops, we learn about watercolor techniques. Then, we try them out on actual drawings to get a feel for them in action. Here, you see me demonstrating the lazy stippling watercolor technique.
Raspberry Line Drawing
Let line drawings dress up your product labels, gift packaging, or even your customer thank you cards. They'll give your business a personal feel that will resonate with your audience.
a person holding a paint brush in front of some watercolor paints
Watercolors - Color Testing
Learn all about painting with watercolors, starting with a little color testing. Here, you see me testing translucency by adding water to the paint.
some watercolors are laying on top of paper
Painting Lavender Workshop
During this workshop, we'll learn how to paint and draw lavender pieces. Then, we'll layer them together to finish the art.