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A slow cooker is the gift that keeps on giving. They’re not just good for soups and stews, either — there are so many slow cooker possibilities from ribs to…
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a close up of a bowl of macaroni and cheese with a spoon in it
Slow Cooker Cheesy Potatoes Recipe - Easy Crock Pot Cheesy Potato Method
Frozen diced potatoes are the secret to ooey-gooey cheesy slow cooker potatoes.
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the best slow cooker recipes to make in your crock pot or slow cooker
Every Single Slow Cooker Recipe You Could Ever Need
From egg casseroles to soup and chili to chicken dinners to vegetarian favorites, and even desserts, this roundup of slow cooker recipes proves this appliance is the kitchen MVP.
the slow cooker beef stew is ready to be eaten
Slow Cooker Beef Stew Recipe
Tender chunks of beef and hearty bites of carrots and potatoes make this slow cooker stew the ultimate winter dinner.
the slow cooker is filled with corn and cream
Slow Cooker Creamed Corn Recipe
Make perfect slow cooker creamed corn with butter, milk, and cream cheese.
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the slow cooker is full of chicken and pasta
35 Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Recipes for Weeknights
A recipe roundup of slow cooker chicken recipes that uses your favorite cuts of chicken for easy weeknight dinners.
two bowls of slow cooker dumpp dinners on a table with spoons and utensils
12 Slow Cooker Drop Dinners That Practically Make Themselves
A roundup of 12 drop-and-go dinners that require little-to-no prep and basically make themselves in the slow cooker or Crock Pot.
slow cooker dump dinners with 5 ingredients or less
5-Ingredient Slow Cooker Dump Dinners Are Everything We Want Right Now
One of the best ways to use a slow cooker is with dump dinners from hearty "baked" ziti to flavorful slow cooker chicken tikka masala.
the 10 most essential winter slow cooker recipes
The 10 Most Essential Winter Slow Cooker Recipes
Our favorite hearty recipes for the winter season that are made in the slow cooker.
two bowls filled with soup next to an avocado and another bowl full of vegetables
25 Satisfying Slow Cooker Dinners For Fall
Finish a cool, crisp autumn day with a warm, satisfying slow-cooker dinner that's ready and waiting for you.
slow cooker chicken parm sandwiches with text overlay
Slow Cooker Chicken Parm Meatballs
Want the cheesy, tomato-y goodness of chicken Parmesan without all the breading and frying? Then this is the healthy dish for you! The crockpot method is way more simple and easy than baked ones.
slow cooker smothered turkey wings on top of white rice
Rosie Mayes’ Slow Cooker Smothered Turkey Wings
This turkey wings recipe has so much flavor, and after a long simmer in the slow cooker, they become falling-off-the-bone tender. This is a great foolproof recipe for any major holiday if you’re feeding a smaller group.
slow cooker chicken in coconut milk on a white plate
How To Cook a Whole Chicken in Coconut Milk in the Slow Cooker
Learn how to cook a whole chicken in coconut milk with fresh basil and ginger for a luscious but easy dinner that calls for very little prep time.
slow cooker chili mac and cheese recipe in a white bowl on a pink towel
Slow Cooker Chili Mac and Cheese Recipe
Chili meets mac and cheese in this ultra-comforting slow cooker mashup. It’s the best of both worlds, with lots of gooey, melted cheese and tender pasta mixed with a hearty blend of spices, meat, and beans.
a white bowl filled with soup next to a spoon
Slow Cooker Butter Bean Minestrone
Chef Hugh Acheson shares his Southern-influenced take on a minestrone. It's filled with creamy butter beans and prepared in the slow cooker.
a white bowl filled with food next to tortilla chips and avocado
How To Make Slow Cooker Breakfast Burrito Bowl
It's a classic combination of fluffy potatoes, seasoned sausage, creamy beans, and eggs bathed in salsa and chiles that'll take breakfast burritos from being a weekend treat to an everyday staple with help from the slow cooker.