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Interested in learning about foraging wild weeds and using them? This board shares tips on how to forage and harvest herbs, how to preserve them and put them to…
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a group of mushrooms sitting on top of a wooden table next to leaves and fallen leaves
"shroom party," by orange_zutto via Flickr -- Gorgeous fungi! (No further information given.)
two people standing next to each other in the woods with a basket on their lap
Foraging + Wild Mushroom, Fennel, & Dancing Fern Galette - Local Milk Blog
foraging | Beth Kirby | {local milk}
various plants and fruits are arranged on a wooden surface with leaves, acorns, and berries
I'm always inspired by photos from Mary Jo Hoffman on Still blog.
a wooden box filled with lots of different types of mushrooms and other things in it
various types of plants and leaves arranged on a white background with the words winter specimens
THE WEAVER HOUSE BLOG // Photography, Graphic & Web Design // Hand-made & Vintage Shop: FARM SPECIMENS // winter
some purple flowers in a white bowl on a table
Red clover is a well-known weed commonly found in fields, roadsides, and yards – it’s a wonderful medicinal herb. Red clover is used to counteract fevers, inflamed lungs, and bronchitis. It contains a mild sedative property, which complements its antispasmodic effects for cough. Not bad for a weed!
lemon balm with the words growing and foraging for lemon balm on it in green images
Growing and Foraging for Lemon Balm
growing and foraging lemon balm + lemon balm iced tea
a wooden basket filled with lots of green leaves and herbs on the ground next to grass
Into the Wild
an image of food and medicine collage
Nasturtium can be used in food and as medicine. It's also easy to grow! Nasturtium is used in the treatment of infectious conditions of the respiratory and urinary tracts, and help the body fight off cold, flus, and other infections of the lungs as well as cystitis.
the cover of using garden weeds for food and medicine, with an image of a plant in
Category: Health and Wellness
5 Garden Weeds for Food and Medicine
Identifying and Harvesting Rabbit Tobacco Chest Congestion Remedies, Congestion Remedies, Remedies For Chest Congestion, Natural Headache, Congestion Relief, Chest Congestion, Home Remedy For Cough, Natural Cold Remedies, Cold Home Remedies
Identifying and Harvesting Rabbit Tobacco | Gwen's Nest
Identifying and Harvesting Rabbit Tobacco
an image of some flowers and plants with the words what's the difference?
Anise vs. Anise Hyssop: What's the Difference? | Herbal Academy | After diving into the botany of an
Anise vs. Anise Hyssop: What's the Difference? | Herbal Academy | After diving into the botany of anise and anise hyssop, it is obvious these plants are distinctly different, each offering their own gifts.