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a woman with her hands on her head and the words, the three top reasons behind parental anger hint? it's not your children
The Three Top Reasons Behind Parental Anger
I know, it's easy to get mad, your children keep not listening, misbehaving, fighting together... But are those the real reasons behind your anger? You might be surprise!
three children standing in front of a wall with the words why partner trust can improve your life big time
Why Partner Trust Can Improve Your Life Big Time
We mothers usually spend much more time with our children than their dads do. But do our beliefs keep us from giving a true role to our partner in our children's education?
the front cover of make the best of christmas using this 10 - days christmas challenge
How To Make The Best Out Of A Pandemic Christmas? Get Back To The Roots
Are you wondering what your 2020 Christmas will look like? Are you hoping that it will be amazing no matter what or did you give up already? Find answers in our last blog post!
a person walking down a dirt road with the words did you choose your child's clothes?
Decision-Making: A Life Skill You Want To Teach Immediately
Are you tired of hearing questions all the time? Teach your children to make their own decisions! There are so many of them where they can decide by themselves.
two children with their faces painted like animals and the words is your child a bee or a panda? how to use spirit animals remarkablely
What Spirit Animal Is Your Child? Idea For Homeschooling
This blog post is all about animal spirit and how to use them as a foundation for countless learning and activities. Think nature awarness, animal respect, self-esteem and self-confidence! Oh, and there is a quizz too ;-)
Thomas Gordon is a psychologist who identified 12 roadblocks when it comes to communication. Discover or re-discover them here and if you're first thought is "what am I gonna say now?" that's normal :-) What Am I, Stop Talking, Ways To Communicate, Do You Know What, Happiness Is, Psychologist
12 Negative Communication Mistakes Parents Can Avoid
Thomas Gordon is a psychologist who identified 12 roadblocks when it comes to communication. Discover or re-discover them here and if you're first thought is "what am I gonna say now?" that's normal :-)
children love boundariess and what about you? - the earthchool guide for kids
Children Love Boundaries. What About You?
What kind of parent are you? The kind that thinks strict boundaries are necessary no matter what? Or the kind who thinks that boundaries are not respectful of the child? What if you wrong anyway???
a blackboard with writing on it next to books and an apple in front of it
Is Academic Education Killing Important Life Skills?
We put a lot of pressure on children regarding academic knowledge, and life skills are often regarded as low quality tasks. But is it true? What are big companies looking for? What does it take to become an entrepreneur? Or an artist? Find out in this astonishing blog post. It's not what you think!
children's needs an easy yet expert instruction by the earth school - book club
Children's Needs: An Easy Yet Expert Introduction
What do children really needs? And what are needs actually? How can they impact your child's development? Find out in this accessible yet comprehensive blog post
two children holding up signs with the text do you label your children? hurry to find an easy way out
Do You Label Children? Hurry To Find An Easy Way Out
This blog post tells you about labels, what they are and how they are damageable for children. And what about you? Have you ever taken the time to think about your labels? Get reflexion exercises in our blog post!
two children sitting next to each other with the words 3 helpful things no one tells children about racism
3 Helpful Things No One Tells About Racism
You want to speak with your children about racism but the idea brings more questions than answers? Read our blog post and get tips and ideas on how you can have this conversation and how you can bring more diversity in your daily life.
a woman and child sitting on the floor with text that reads can limits be set in a positive way? absolutely
Can Limits Be Set In a Positive Way?
You wish for your children to follow the rules but you don't want to turn into an army colonel? Read our blog post about positive parenting!
a young boy wearing headphones with the words how to make your children listen to you quickly
How To Make Your Children Listen To You Quickly
Discover a reliable and deep tecnhique that will not only help you with your children but give you a real insights at how our minds work!