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an open notebook with paper cut out to show different shapes and sizes of houses on it
What's a Quadrilateral?!
Learning 2D shapes and quadrilaterals
quadrilaterals using sorts to understand students'geometric thinking
Are you wondering how to use sorting to help understand student thinking? Check out this post about using a geometry/quadrilateral sort to see how students are understanding quadrilaterals and their attributes.
the poster for camp quadrilaterals fun math animation, featuring kids sitting around a camp fire
The Quadrilateral Song | Numberock's Types of Quadrilaterals Video
Ad-Free Quadrilaterals Math Song and Animation
the quadrilateral family tree is shown on a piece of paper with an orange and white background
Quadrilateral Family Tree Cut and Paste Activity
Looking for a resource to help your students understand how shapes are organized? This is great activity that allows students to organize the name of the shape, shape and a small description of the shape in a flowchart. Start with the quadrilateral and organize it into trapezoid, kite and then parallelogram shapes - rectangle, rhombus and square.
quadrilaters easy foldable write cut and glue
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Quadrilaterals Easy Foldable - Use this Foldable activity to teach the defnition of the various quadrilaterals! Simply cut the strips between each term, then, glue to the second page where it says, "Glue Here." Easy! There is a place for students to write the definition of each term and draw and illustration of each term. Perfect to make and take to review or to place in an interactive notebook. #teachersherpa
a wooden table topped with toys and text that reads, geometric free math centers for kids
FREE Geometry Quadrilaterals Math Centers THIRD GRADE
These FREE geometry math centers are perfect for reviewing quadrilaterals and geometry vocabulary. This set of centers is a mini set of my centers that I have available for all third grade standards. The consistency of my math centers helps to make them so successful in the classroom!
an open book with different shapes and lines on it, next to a blue background
Foldable Fun + Freebie
Hootys Homeroom: Foldable Fun + Freebie - Quadrilaterals classification chart foldable
an open notebook with some writing on it and a pen next to the page that has information about quadrilaters
2D Shapes Math Worksheets Math Games Review 2nd grade 3rd 4th 5th
Polygons, Triangles, & Quadrilaterals, Oh My!-Sorting & Classifying 2D Shapes Math Notebook Charts and Sorting Activities
a table topped with lots of books and notebooks next to a tablet computer on top of a desk
Review of Laura Candler's Math Stations for Middle Grades
Geoboard Quadrilaterals activity from Math Stations for Middle Grades - Katie Lyon of Teaching ... the Art of Possibility shares how her students used the activity with an iPad app instead of real geoboards. No rubberbands zinging around the room! Great idea! $
two pictures with the words classifying quaddillaaterals and their corresponding activities
Teaching Quadrilateral Classification
Awesome resource for helping your students master those tricky quadrilaterals! Laura Candler's new Classify It Exploring Quadrilaterals pack includes a lesson, two quizzes, a cooperative learning sorting activity, and a challenging (but fun) math center game.
some sticks are sitting on a table with marshmallows in the shape of squares
Line Pairs, Angles, and Quadrilaterals
quadrilateral activities
an interactive notebook for the properties of quadrilaters with pictures and text on it
Using PowerPoint and Interactive Notes to make Properties of Quadrilaterals Meaningful.
Interactive notebook Quadrilaterals
the quadrilateral flip book is filled with papers and pencils
Keep Calm and Teach 5th Grade
math quadrilateral flip book for 5th grade