no ducks are not racists just a metaphor thoz.
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an old fashioned car driving through the woods
a boat floating on top of a large body of water under a pink and blue sky
an orange and black sports car parked in a garage
an orange background with a blue and black bottle next to it on top of a stack of books
DSLR Side View Flat Design
a glass filled with liquid sitting on top of a table
Caffe Macchiato!
a black and white drawing of a building with lots of windows on the front side
---18/52--- Paddy’s Pub
a liquor bottle with the word liquor on it
---28/52--- Otto’s Beverage Center
an image of the outside of a building with signs on it and buildings in black and white
OaklandGyros_Dribbble-01.jpg by Jim Kennelly
Graphic Design Posters, Beer Logo, Coffee Illustration, Coffee Design, Diner Branding, Graphic Tshirt Design
---24-52--- Pitch’s Lounge & Restaurant
---24-52--- Pitch’s Lounge & Restaurant
---24-52--- Pitch’s Lounge & Restaurant
a black and white image of a building with the words trocadero on it
---27/52--- Trocadero