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Cheesy Tuna Melts
This recipe is the best way to make tasty Cheesy Tuna Melts. This quick and easy sandwich takes your lunch (or dinner!) to the next level.
chicken alfredo bake in a blue casserole dish with text overlay that reads, a classic comfort food
Chicken Alfredo Bake
This chicken Alfredo bake is penne pasta tossed with cooked chicken and a creamy sauce, then topped with cheese and baked to perfection.
an orange chicken and rice dish on a white plate with the words easy in front of it
Homemade Orange Chicken
Forget Chinese takeout–This homemade Orange Chicken recipe is all you need! Crunchy chicken coated in a perfectly sweet, sticky, citrusy sauce will become your new favorite meal.
easy shrimp rolls with mayonnaise and parsley on top, served in buns
Easy Shrimp Rolls Recipe - 30minutesmeals.com
Easy shrimp rolls are a delicious and straightforward seafood dish. They are commonly served in a soft, toasted roll or a buttered, toasted hot dog bun, making for a quick and satisfying meal or snack.
four different pictures with the words friday night dinner ideas on them and images of food
45+ Easy Friday Night Dinner Ideas
Make Friday night dinner a breeze with these one of these easy, low prep family dinner recipes. From easy family favorites, to sheet pan dinners and one dish casseroles, we've got you covered so you can unwind and enjoy a meal that's satisfying and stress-free!
two beef tacos sitting on top of a white plate
Amazing Shredded Beef Tacos
You will love these juicy tacos full of tender shredded beef and topped with a creamy, spicy coleslaw! Use the Instant Pot or Crock Pot to make this easy dinner. Perfect for Cinco de Mayo, Taco Tuesday, or a last minute summer party!
grilled chicken burritos on a plate with lettuce and tomatoes
Grilled Chicken Burrito Bowl
Ditch the tortilla and put everything you love about burritos into a yummy chicken burrito bowl! This recipe is so easy and adaptable to what you like. The best part of this recipe is the tender, marinated and grilled chicken! Add in any combo of brown ri
sheet pan shrimp scamps and asparagus with lemon wedges on the side
Sheet Pan Shrimp Scampi
Sheet Pan Shrimp Scampi - garlicky shrimp scampi with tender asparagus and garlic bread all on one sheet pan. Easy dinner for two!
a sandwich with slow cooker crack chicken and the crockpot pot with crack chicken and a lot of bacon
Best Slow Cooker Crack Chicken Recipe - Sweet and Savory Meals
Slow Cooker Crack Chicken is a creamy and savory dish that's irresistibly delicious. Made with tender chicken breasts, cream cheese, ranch seasoning, and crispy bacon, this slow-cooked meal is perfect for sandwiches, wraps, or served over rice. It's a crowd-pleasing recipe that's easy to prepare and packed with flavor.
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Chicken nuggets on a plate ready to be served Air Fryer Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Dishes Easy, Favorite Recipes Chicken, Food Style, Yummy Chicken Recipes, Best Chicken Recipes, Air Fryer Chicken, Best Dinner Recipes, Family Dinners
Air Fryer Chicken Nuggets
These Air Fryer Chicken Nuggets are quick and easy to make with only three ingredients! They’re ready in less than 15 minutes and are made with a secret ingredient that makes them super flavorful and juicy. You’ll never want frozen nuggets again!
fried catfish nuggets with sauces and condiments
Fried Catfish Nuggets
Fried Catfish Nuggets – Crispy golden nuggets with a twist because it’s catfish. You’ll enjoy the same crispy exterior as chicken nuggets but with a creamier, softer center. Full of flavors from Creole seasoning, cayenne, and garlic, it’s a worthy rival to any chicken nugget.
baked chicken and mushroom pasta in a white casserole dish with text overlay
Baked Chicken and Mushroom Pasta (one pan pasta recipe)
This easy pasta recipe is super cheesy and filling! This Baked Chicken and Mushroom Pasta cooks all in one dish, making a simple meal you don't have to babysit. This is an easy dinner recipe that the whole family will love!
chicken parmesan sliders on a white plate with text overlay that reads chicken parmesan sliders
Chicken Parmesan Sliders
Chicken Parmesan Sliders - Hawaiian rolls layered with crispy chicken strips, marinara, 2 kinds of cheeses, and topped with a garlicky butter glaze! These are great for a weeknight dinner or a party!