Shadow of the Demon Lord

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Primeval Adventures
Yonda Pickler: Willem's mother and former shopkeeper of The Swellwood General Goods store.
f Rogue Thief Pirate coastal docks urban city ship sea DSA Seefahrerin

Queen of Gold - Freeport

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Elf - Shadow of the Demon Lord by on @DeviantArt

Fey & Terrible

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Gerald Brom
pirate skeleton - Google Search
Shadow Of The Demon Lord Is An RPG Made By All-Stars


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The Game Master Loves you, folks

Victims - Other

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2007 Concept arts WHO part 1 - Album on Imgur

Victims - Humans

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Equipment - Shadow of the Demon Lord by BrittMartin on DeviantArt
ArtStation - Shadow of the Demon Lord, Andrey Vasilchenko
ArtStation - Shadow Of the Demon Lord "Grand Duchy" Illustration, Kyllian Guillart

Art & Inspiration

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late nite dump - Imgur

Demons & Monsters

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Goblin. Os goblins são parentes próximos dos Orcs, mas ao contrario de seus primos eles são pequenos e fracos. No entanto são engenhosos e tem habilidade em arquitetura e em criar armadilhas.
ArtStation - Dark Fantasy vol. 7, Bjorn Hurri

Victims - Goblin

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Happy Cakeday D&D Style - Album on Imgur
m Half Orc Cleric Staff Robe Short Sword traveler
Battle map orc

Victims - Orc

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Beardless Female Dwarves - Imgur
Beardless Female Dwarves - Imgur

Victims - Dwarf

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Rusty woodcutter by Beaver-Skin on DeviantArt
Urban D&D — megarusathings: Fanny Poulain (via TumbleOn)
A collection of Pictures of How I see you | .: Forgotten Realms Cormyr :.

Victims - Clockwork

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an ice dragon is flying through the air
Ice Arctic Frost Crab - Gammenore - Pathfinder 2E PFRPG PFSRD DND D&D 3.5 4E 5E 5th ed d20 fantasy
a black and white photo of a woman with an octopus on her head, surrounded by candles
late nite dump
late nite dump - Imgur
ArtStation - Explore
ArtStation - Explore
a drawing of a skeleton with chains around his neck and hands on both sides of him
Gerald Brom
a drawing of a woman with a bird on her shoulder and an owl on her back
2007 Concept arts WHO. Part 1. Warhammer FB
2007 Concept arts WHO part 1 - Album on Imgur
two people dressed up in costumes and one is holding a stick
Leper and Ratcatcher by SirHanselot on DeviantArt
Leper and Ratcatcher by on @DeviantArt
Warhammer Illustrators
a drawing of a native american man holding a spear
an image of a giant monster with glowing eyes
ArtStation - Explore
a woman in a black dress with an elaborate headdress on her face and arms
late nite dump
late nite dump - Imgur
an image of a cartoon character with chains on his back
The Sin of Wealth, hyun lee
Mitología hebrea. El Golem con ritos los hebreos le llamaban y ellos ayudaban, pero con violencia ....
d100 Strange Wizard Missions Films, Cthulhu, Münster, Demon, Troll, Movies, Dark Fantasy Art
d100 Strange Wizard Missions
d100 Strange Wizard Missions