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How to Form Good Writing Habits
So, what makes good writing habits? And how can you start implementing them into your writing schedule? Throughout the article, we are going to cover strategies to help you turn your writing life around and reach your goal of publication.
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How to Create a Writing Schedule | 3 Steps - Robyn Roste
By taking time to create a writing schedule you change your internal dialogue from "Someday I'll write a book," to "By THIS DATE I'll write a book."
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Automatically organize your desktop apps, files, and folders on Windows 10 and 11 with Fences!
Fences desktop organizer helps you organize your PC by automatically placing your shortcuts and icons into resizable shaded areas on your desktop called fences.
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How to actually complete your writing projects: One bite at a time » Abstract
How to actually complete your writing projects: One bite at a time According to McIntosh, academics have between 20 and 50+ writing projects at any given time, but “people don’t do projects.” Projects can be broken into hunks, but you don’t do hunks. Hunks can be broken into chunks, but you don’t do chunks. Chunks can be broken into bites. You do bites! Here’s how.
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How to determine what and what not to index » Abstract
How to determine what and what not to index A good rule of thumb for deciding what to index, said freelance indexer Kay Banning, is to ask: “Is the user happy to be there when you send them there?” The answer to that question, said Banning, will help determine what to index and what not to index.
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Writing and Publishing Academic Journal Articles Free Download
Free Download - Writing & Publishing Academic Journal Articles Download this free quick-start guide for academic writers. What You'll Get: - How to write a sophisticated, dynamic scholarly argument - 3 Steps to consider when crafting an article introduction - The not-always-obvious 'infrastructure' of journal articles: Abstracts and textual linkages - 4 Key strategies for choosing the right journal - How to navigate the peer review process
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Copyright Clearance Center helps authors, creators, individual copyright holders and their representatives license the use of their copyrighted material and gain a deeper knowledge of the business of writing.
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Three unmistakable signs you need to revise » Abstract
Three unmistakable signs you need to revise Between bouts of hating what we write, we may secretly admire our creations. And we’re entitled to. But there’s a difference between these feelings and excessive love of our own words. Such love blinds us to editorial blunders, judicious cutting, and revision, and reduces the possibilities of publication.
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About TAA
TAA offers a wide array of resources and benefits to help you navigate your path to writing success. These benefits include publication grants, webinars, a monthly print newsletter, and a variety of networking opportunities available through CONNECT, TAA's online member community. We encourage you to explore our website and discover the benefits of membership.
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Successfully building collaborative authoring relationships » Abstract
Successfully building collaborative authoring relationships Developing a collaborative relationship with other authors can be both rewarding and challenging. For many, writing is an individual effort, so how do you determine when it is beneficial to partner with one or more other authors on a manuscript? To learn more about the advantages of author collaboration, we sought the insight of several TAA members who have been successful in developing manuscripts with co-authors.
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Grant writing: A game you can win » Abstract
Grant-writing: A game you can win Grant writing is fun! It’s a way to get a lot of money, and more. I love it because it’s a game I know I can win. You can, too, if you use my game plan.
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Tips for Successful Coauthoring Download
Free Download - Tips for Successful Coauthoring Download this free guide to developing successful coauthoring relationships! What You'll Get: - What to consider before coauthoring - Before entering a coauthoring relationship, sign a collaboration agreement - 5 Textbook authors share advice on coauthoring relationships - How to determine author order when collaborating with multiple authors - Bringing in a coauthor requires 'reconstitution' of book project Get your copy now.
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#AcWriChat this Friday at 11am ET Join us on Twitter every other Friday from 11am to noon ET for #AcWriChat, a Tweetchat event where we discuss live topics related to academic writing. All are welcome and no registration is required. Simply log in to Twitter and search for #AcWriChat and tweet your responses to the questions being discussed. Next Tweetchat event is Friday, October 5, 2018! See you there!
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