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steps leading to the beach with sand and grass on either side, in front of a wooden fence
the poetry of material things
three ceramic fish ornament with hearts hanging from the sides, one in blue and one in red
Colgante náutico de pez en madera
Colgante náutico de pez en madera
two green ceramic fish shaped objects sitting next to each other
many different colored rocks with designs on them
Photo from womendesignist
three small blue fish on top of a piece of driftwood
This small school of fish looks just right on this chunk of driftwood that has been worn away by the water of the Atlantic Ocean and the sand and the rocks on the shore. #atlanticocean #driftwood #handmade #saturday
five blue and white striped fish on the ground next to some seaweed in a basket
Sardinha Costa Nova
Sardinha Costa Nova
a small wooden fish with two eyes on it's side, painted in blue and white stripes
Side by side . . . . . Designs ©MadeByCBK #design #simpledesign #surfacepattern #artisanat #texture #faitmain #madebycbk #schooloffish…
four fish shaped tags with numbers hanging from the string on each one's head
Boutique Déco
Poisson Déco Maison de Bord de Mer
three fabric bows tied together on top of wooden boards with a tag attached to them
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a white table and chairs under an umbrella on the beach