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a small tree in front of a house with white trim on the roof and windows
The Devil is in the Details: Update on my Landscape Project -
a circular garden with hedges in the middle
23 Breathtaking Backyard Landscaping Design Ideas
an outdoor patio area with chairs and plants in the foreground, surrounded by shrubbery
Eight Pretty Ideas for Small Gardens | Classic Casual Home
an ornamental urn in the middle of a garden
The Visual Vamp
an outdoor patio with blue and white chairs, potted plants, and a table
Book review- City Of Angels: Houses and Gardens of Los Angeles!
an outdoor garden with hedges and stone walls
French Normandy-inspired abode - AH&L
an outdoor fountain in the middle of a garden with trees and bushes around it, surrounded by stone steps
All About Parterre Gardens with Fransen Mills' John Mills - Southern Home Magazine