Close to my heart

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four different pictures of cards with the words happy new year on them
Smitten Blog Hop
a card with the words i'm your biggest fan on it and an image of a fan
Smitten Workshop Kit CC122113
four pieces of paper with different designs on them, including a bee and a lemon
Smitten Love Pockets Gift Bags
a card with a koala holding a heart shaped balloon on it's back
Be Mine Koala Valentine Card - SunnyDay Memories
a card with a koala bear on it next to some hearts and confetti
a card with a bee on it next to a stamper and some confetti
Bee Mine | Valentine's Shaker Card | Smitten | Close to My Heart | CTMH
three valentine's day cards, one with a koala bear
Three Valentine's Day Cards | Smitten | Close To My Heart