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an old photo of a busy city street
rue Peel et Ste-Catherine,ouest - vue vers l'est MTL.1956
a large boat floating on top of a river next to tall buildings in the background
Le centre-ville de Montréal vu du canal Lachine, 1966, VM94-Ad121-001
the city is full of tall buildings and skyscrapers
Montreal Was Ranked The 9th Best City In The World To Work From Home
an old black and white photo of a rooster painted on the side of a building
Check out these vintage shots of Montreal in the 1960s (PHOTOS) | Curated
a busy city street with cars and people walking on the side walk at night time
Wonderful Color Photographs Capture Street Scenes of Montreal, Canada in the 1960s
a city street filled with lots of tall buildings and neon signs on the side of it
Two Views Along La Rue St. Catherine, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
a city street filled with lots of neon signs and people walking on the side of it
Montréal/Plaza Saint-Hubert,>nord,vue prise de la rue Saint-Zotique/année 1955.