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a white and blue serving dish with the words voge, bon bateau vignes
nl céramiques
a cup with a brush in it sitting on top of a plate
a white and blue ceramic dish sitting on top of a sink next to a mirror
A handmade self-draining soap dish – it lets excess water flow away, keeping soapy puddles at bay. Keep your bar soaps around longer with this ceramic sculpture.
a white vase sitting on top of a table
Surprisingly Simple Air-Dry Clay Projects to Try
two white plates with faces on them sitting on a bed next to a bag and drawstring
How To: Make These Clay Plates
the steps to make a diy candle holder with paper plates and candlesticks
DIY - Töpferanleitung: Kerzenleuchter töpfern in Plattentechnik - Leelah Loves
two pairs of black and gold earrings on a red surface
The Art Deco Collection - Gold Eye Rainbow Dangles