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two little crabs and one big blue crab on the beach
Basteln mit Kindern – 44 Bastelideen, welche Groß und Klein froh machen
two purple and blue jellyfish ornaments hanging from strings with googly eyes on them
DIY Colourful Jellyfish Craft for Kids
two fish made out of wooden pegs sitting next to each other
Grätenfisch | AUREDNIK Bastelideen & DIY-Bastelanleitungen
three jellyfishs are hanging from strings in the air with ribbons attached to them
30 Sommerparty Deko und Snack Ideen - DIY Dekoideen
30 Sommerparty Deko Ideen - DIY Deko Papptellerquallen
paper plate crab craft for kids to make with their hands and feet, including toothbrushes
Krabben | AUREDNIK Bastelideen & DIY-Bastelanleitungen
Krabben | AUREDNIK Bastelideen & DIY-Bastelanleitungen
two blue octopus puppets sitting on top of a wooden table next to scissors and yarn
DIY Bastelidee für Kinder: Lustige Quallen aus Klorollen – der Sommer ist da
DIY Bastelidee für Kinder: Lustige Quallen aus Klorollen – der Sommer ist da – Blog Sabine Seyffert
someone is holding up a paper cutout with flowers in a vase on the grass
a lion made out of yellow flowers sitting on top of a shelf
Basteln mit Naturmaterial: Ab in den Garten – Löwe aus Löwenzahn
Eine tolle Bastelidee mit Anleitung für die Frühlingszeit. Der Löwe aus Pappe hat eine blühende Mähne aus Löwenzahn Blüten bekommen und strahlt mit der Sonne um die Wette #natur #material #garten #spring #dandelions #lion #crafting #klasse #grundschule #preschool #primary #school #teacher
beaded pipe cleaner dragonflies are an easy craft for kids to make
Beaded Pipe Cleaner Dragonflies
These beaded pipe cleaner dragonflies are SO CUTE! And they're so easy to make! All you need are pipe cleaners, plastic pony beads and googly eyes and you can whip one up in less than 5 minutes! This is such a fun kids craft that they can actually play with when they're done! A great kids activity for spring and summer!
For Kids, Kunst, Hama Bead, Easy, Dekoration, Manualidades
Hama bead chick ornaments
DIY Beaded Butterflies
colorful paper flowers and butterfly decorations on a pink background with streamers in the shape of butterflies