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a man standing in front of a blue triangle
“He Left at Least One Sentence Standing Whole” and Other Works by...
there is a poster with the words tuscany italy on it
"Tuscany Italy travel poster wall art decor print" Photographic Print for Sale by Arctic frame studio
a poster with mountains and water in the background
Travel Posters
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - Travel Poster Series - The Heads of State
an advertisement for the tente camping club in france
Turns Out Tintin Creator Hergé is Pretty Great at Graphic Design, Too
a hand holding a passport with an airplane in the sky above it and text time to travel
Premium Vector | Flat design vintage travel label
Flat design vintage travel label Free Vector | Free Vector #Freepik #vector #freevintage #freelabel #freetravel #freedesign
an old book with many different designs on the pages, including blue and yellow tiles
'Moorish Design' Giclee Print - Owen Jones |
Giclee Print: Moorish Design by Owen Jones : 38x26in
an abstract background with different colors and lines on it, including the reflection of water
Hydra UI
Hydra is a futuristic UI kit with tons of elements, graphs, HUDs, infographics and more. It comes in 3 premade color themes. Everything is vector and fully editable.Hydra also includes my very own Centauri font.
an image of a red object with lines in the middle and one line on the other side
PHI: The Golden Ratio or Golden Section - a unique Ratio (or relationship between parts) that seems to be preferred by Nature as the best geometry for growth, energy conservation, elegance and has some fundamental relationships to the platonic solids and the Mandelbrot set. It was formally discovered by the Greeks and incorporated into their art and architecture, but it has been shown to occur even in prehistoric art, possibly as a function of Man's natural affinity for it's beauty.
a drawing of a hand holding something in it's left hand with the line drawn out
concept DIAGRAM
concept DIAGRAM
an image of a square with lines in the shape of a rectangle on white paper
Tattoos and Geometry image inspiration on Designspiration
Geometry Daily holy i want this to be my tramp stamp